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Phonics 3a

Ages 7 - 11

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Mac OS X version 10.3 or later (including Mountain Lion)
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Phonics 3a - Advanced Level with Sports

by Help Me 2 Learn

Phonics 3a helps students learn to read and have a wonderful time doing it! The course features sports-inspired tutorials led by the "Coach"; "Learn the Words" sessions; challenging Speed Rounds; and adrenaline-charged, fun-filled games to make learning a true journey.

In Phonics 3a, students will master syllables, spelling, word families, antonyms, synonyms, homographs, homophones, prefixes, root words, suffixes, and reading comprehension strategies.

Phonics 3a features the Gold Medal Motivational and Data Tracking system, which encourages students to earn bronze, silver, and gold medals by completing each lesson.

Topics Covered:

  • Word Families and Patterns
  • Syllables
  • Antonyms and Synonyms
  • Homophones and Homographs
  • Classifying and Sorting
  • Prefixes, Root Words, and Suffixes
  • Spelling
  • Reading Comprehension Strategies

See also Language Arts Review 3a, which may be used as an alternative to Phonics 3a for wider grade levels.

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