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Super Star Online Grants - Parental Involvement Study - 2009.

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Quick Summary:
  • In 2009, we offered a grant to study the effectiveness of building better reading and math skills by promoting parental involvement through the use of Super Star Online.
  • The grant was open to all K-8 classroom teachers. The grant application is now closed.
  • Summary of Results from Grant Report

A Team Building Approach To Learning

Many parents struggle to be actively involved in helping their child with their homework and with working with their child's school and teacher. Super Star Online helps bridge the gap between classroom activities and home with easy-to-use software features that enable parents to work at home and in tandem with their child's classroom activities. The result is a team approach to learning, with students, teachers, parents and schools working actively together to help students learn crucial language arts and math skills.

An Industry Leader

Help Me 2 Learn Company is a leading publisher of educational software for grades K-8. Its award winning Super Star titles are research based and proven to improve reading, language arts and math skills. The research report and effectiveness studies can be found at . The titles are also correlated to the state standards of all 50 states and those correlations can be found at .

School administrators and teacher who are not already familiar with the Super Star by Help Me 2 Learn titles find free trials of all the titles at or they can request a free 30 day trial of Super Star Online by call 800-460-7001.