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Super Star Online

As of January 2015, Super Star Online is being used by 85 schools, in 19 states and by over 26,000 users

Pricing as low as $4 per user per year

Super Star Online Pricing and Online Purchase or call 800-460-7001 for a quote
Please name titles/courses:

System Requirements
About the Super Star Online service and the "Super Star Strategy for Success"
Key Advantages

System Requirements

The Super Star Online service provides highly interactive games and activities that make use of modern web browser features. We support the most common desktop operating systems and web browsers with the Flash Player. We also support Android tablets (iPads need the Photon app ).

A broadband Internet connection is strongly recommended.

  Minimum Recommended
Operating System PC: Windows XP
Mac: Mac OS X v10.3
iPad: VirtualChrome app, Photon app or other Flash Browser
Android: 3x and later requires Flash Fox or other Flash Browser
PC: Windows 10,8, 7 or XP Mac: Mac OS X v10.4 to v10.10
iPad: VirtualChrome app Flash Browser
Android: Flash Fox app Flash Browser
Web Browser PC: Firefox 2 or Internet Explorer 6 SP1
Mac: Firefox 2, Safari 1.3
Tablet:Browser or app that supports Flash
PC: Safari 3.1+, Firefox 2+, Chrome 13+, or Internet Explorer 7+
Mac: Safari 3.1+ or Firefox 2+
Tablet: Browser or app that supports Flash. Reccommend: the VirtualChrome Browser for iPad/iPod and the Flash Fox app for Android
Processor 500 MHz 1 GHz or faster
Memory (RAM) 256 MB 512 MB or higher
Display resolution 800x600 1024x768 or higher
Adobe Flash Player 9.0 or higher (free download from
Adobe Acrobat Reader 5.0 or higher (optional; free download from


Subscriptions are sold on an annual basis at the price of $4 per seat (user).
- The minimum subscription is 25 subscribed users.
- Subscriptions can be either for a full year, multi-year, or for a partial year.
- The Annual Subscription time frame is usually July 1 to June 30.
- Subscriptions purchased after December 1 may be prorated 25% off.
- Call for District pricing.

1. Build Your Own Bundle for as low as $4 per user

Pick one title or pick several titles and build your own custom bundle. We take the worry out of managing your subscriptions by making all titles available to all users. Subscribe to the titles you want and for the number of users you want. Generally, you receive one title per 25 users, so that your school will have access to the maximum number of titles. Add a title or several titles to any of the bundles for $25 per title.

Follow these 2 easy steps to build your bundle:

Step One: Select the bundle based on the total number of users at your school (all the subscribed users may have access to all of the subscribed titles):

Part Number  Super Star Course titles @ $4 per user Bundle cost per year
6901W Any One Title for 25 Users $100
6902W Any Two Titles for 50 Users $200
6903W Any Three Titles for 75 Users $300
6904W Any Four Titles for 100 Users $400
6905W Any Five Titles for 125 Users $500
6906W Any Six Titles for 150 Users $600
6907W Any Seven Titles for 175 Users $700
6908W Any Eight Titles for 200 Users $800
6909W Any Nine Titles for 225 Users $900
6910W Any Ten Titles for 250 Users $1000
6911W Any Eleven Titles for 275 Users $1100
6912W All Twelve Titles for 300 Users $1200
6999W More than 300 Users: $4 X __________ number of users
Subscription includes all of our titles
= $ __________
6999UW Unlimited Max - all of our titles for all users at your school $4000

Step Two: If you have 300 users or more, you are done. If you have less than 300 users, you have the option of adding additional courses to your bundle. Add additional titles/courses to your Super Star Online bundle at $25 per title:

Part Number  Super Star Course titles Added Titles
1. 6000W Letters & Numbers $25
2. 6001W Phonics 1a - Vowel Sounds $25
3. 6003W Phonics 1b - Consonant Sounds $25
4. 6002W Phonics 2a - Intermediate Level $25
5. 6008W Phonics 2b - Intermediate Level II $25
6. 6026W Language Arts Review 3a - Advanced Level $25
7. 6027W Language Arts Review 3b - Advanced Level II $25
8. 6071W Games of Math 1 – Addition & Money $25
9. 6072W Games of Math 2 – Subtraction & More
(time, measurement & geometry)
10. 6073W Games of Math 3 - Multiplication $25
11. 6074W Games of Math 4 – Division & Fractions $25
12. 6005W Spanish 1a with Phonics / Inglés 1a con Fonética $25
  Total Subscription Price (step 1 plus step 2)  
2. Unlimited Site Bundles

This bundle is for all users at your school site and is designed for large schools. They allow unlimited access for all students, teachers, administrators and parents of the school.

Part Number  Super Star Unlimited Site Bundles Cost per year
6599UW Super Star Unlimited Max
(Includes all of our course titles: plus any other courses that
become available during the subscription year)
$ 4000.00 per year


Multi-year Discounts


Two Year Discount 20%
(Subscription to any Bundle

for two full years)

10% off 2nd year

Three Year (or more) Discount 30%
(Subscription to any Bundle

for three or more full years)

20% off 3rd year and

succeeding years


Apart from the bundles listed above, you can mix and match any number of courses in English and in Spanish. Download the online flyer ,the complete pricing sheet, or call 800-460-7001 for a quote.

We also offer special upgrade pricing for customers who have an existing Site 30 or Unlimited Site/Network edition. Call 800-460-7001 for more details.

About the Super Star Online service and the "Super Star Strategy for Success"

Our Super Star Online service is available to schools and other academic institutions. It is usually an annual subscription service, based around the school year (July 1st through June 30th).

The Online service provides web-based access to our courses, which students can access from school or from home (or anywhere there is a broadband Internet connection). We host the data for you, so there is no need to run your own network server. As we make improvements to our software over time, subscribers to our Online service will automatically gain the enhanced functionality.

The "Super Star Stategy for Success" is a strategy to build a team to insure the success of the student. The team includes: the school, the teacher, the student and the parents all working together and using Super Star Online as the primary tool to give the student extra support to insure success. Super Star Online provides a unique opportunity to build this team more effectively and allows all members of the team to track the progress of the student at any time. For more information about the "Super Star Stategy for Success" go to: "Super Star Stategy for Success" (PDF)

We offer a free 30-day trial for schools that includes student accounts as well. See our Free Offers page for details.

Key Advantages

The Super Star Online service offers several advantages over our CD-ROM/Network products: